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Arc The Lad European PSN store release date

English language version this week.

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The English-language version of PlayStation 1 role-player Arc the Lad will finally be available to download from the European PlayStation Store on 18th January, developer MonkeyPaw Games has announced.

Arc The Lad's delayed re-release comes after a mislabelled Japanese version launched last October instead of the intended English-language release.

"Unfortunately, this is a mistake," said MonkeyPaw marketing manager Ray Almeda at the time. "We never intended to use the Japanese version. We expected the English version that we used in America. We're currently working with Sony on a fast and efficient fix, especially for those who have already downloaded the game."

Months later, and "fast and efficient" look like a bad choice of words.

"We would like to apologise for the inconvenience and sincerely thank all of you for your immense patience during this process," Almeda wrote on the EU PlayStation blog.

"A game of Arc's complexity needs to be in English. Working Design's wonderfully localised version is still one of the most appreciated tactical RPGs of all time. So we can now present the full depth of story in English that was needed to enjoy this game."

The English language version of Arc the Lad in action.

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