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Back to the Future: The Game free for PS Plus subscribers

As is the English version of Arc the Lad.

Telltale Games adventure Back to the Future: The Game is free for PlayStation Plus subscribers.

So is Ubisoft's puzzler Voodoo Dice, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe said today as part of its January PlayStation Plus content update.

PSone Classics Rally Cross and the English version of Arc the Lad are also free. minis TrailBlazer and Stick Man Rescue are free, too.

The update in full:

  • Back to the Future: The Game, Episodes 1 to 5 - 100% off
  • Voodoo Dice (PS3 version) - 100% off
  • Rally Cross (PSone Classic) - 100% off
  • Arc the Lad (English language version) (PSone Classic) - 100% off
  • TrailBlazer (minis) - 100% off
  • Stick Man Rescue (minis) - 100% off
  • AfterBurner: Climax - 75% off
  • Cuckoo Clock Dynamic Theme - 100% off
  • Robot Dynamic Theme - 100% off
  • infamous 2: Good Cole Avatar - 100% off
  • infamous 2: Zeke Avatar - 100% off

Sony said additional offers may become available throughout the month.