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VideoBack to the Future vid's story so far

Just in time for finale's launch.

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How Telltale got Jennifer.

Download Games Roundup

Suguri! Bejeweled! Ricochet! Future! Zap!

VideoBack to the Future Part 2 trailer

Telltale teases the next chapter.

Key events

Back to the Future European retail release confirmed

Back to the Future European retail release confirmed

For PC, PlayStation 3 and Wii before April.

Telltale Games' episodic Back to the Future: The Game will be released for PC, PlayStation 3 and Wii in Europe during the first quarter of 2012.

Originally launched in five downloadable chapters, publisher Deep Silver has confirmed the entire game will arrive on European shores in disc-based form.

PS3 and Wii versions will launch across Europe, while boxed PC editions will only hit "some" territories, Nintendo Life reports.

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Telltale: Licensed games aren't dead

Simpsons, South Park deals on its wishlist.

A number of publishers have recently proclaimed that the traditional movie tie-in's days are numbered. Not only do they routinely getting a critical shoeing but people just aren't buying them anymore.

Download Games Roundup

Download Games Roundup

Suguri! Bejeweled! Ricochet! Future! Zap!

If you added up all the downloadable games across Steam, XBLA, PSN, Minis, WiiWare, DSiWare and even the foolishly overlooked Xbox Indie Games Channel, how many games have been released to date? 4000? More?

Whatever the actual figure is, perhaps it's strange that so few of these games have been bundled up for retail release. Microsoft issued an XBLA showcase compilation a few years back, and PopCap is getting in on the act right now with two four-game volumes on Xbox 360. But apart from those, who else is bothering?

The point is, while it's easy to grasp the motivation for keeping literally thousands of titles locked onto a download service at the same price for years on end (money money money!), a large proportion of the potential audience presumably remains unaware of the cheap gems out there.

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Back to the Future sets PS3 date

iPad version incoming too.

The first chunk of Telltale Games' episodic Back to the Future tie-in will arrive on the US PlayStation Network on 15th February, the developer has announced.

Back to the Future Episode 1: It's About Time

Touch of Evil may be the classy choice, but for me, the first moments of Back to the Future offer the greatest opening shot of any movie ever made. The magical twinkles of sound that accompany the date and time date and time! First thing you see! appearing on screen, followed by the steady, comforting chittering of dozens of pendulums and cogs, and then the fade up and the pan past that endless array of time-pieces.

There's an awful lot going on in that tracking shot in terms of exposition the news report on the telly, Marty's skateboard thudding against the plutonium crate, the mad-scientist dog food dispenser but there's even more at work in terms of theme, and in terms of foreshadowing. Look closely, and you'll see a 1950s jukebox nestled in amongst the junk of the cluttered lab. Look even closer and you'll see a hint towards the very end of the film: one of the doc's many clocks has a tiny human figure hanging from the hands.

The opening of Telltale's Back to the Future game is similarly packed with information. While the first episode of five will ultimately whisk Marty and the DeLorean back into the past on a new adventure to save the Doc, it starts with a reverent reworking of one of the first movie's greatest scenes: night has fallen on the glittering rain-slicked tarmac of at this point Twin Pines Mall, and an unwitting dog named Einstein is about to make fictional scientific history.

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Anyone purchasing the impending Back to the Future trilogy Blu-ray will receive a code allowing you to download the first episode of Telltale's forthcoming game tie-in for free.

Telltale's Back to the Future by Nov

Starring voice of Doc: Christopher Lloyd.

Telltale Games' episodic adaptation of Back to the Future will begin either in late October or early November. Better still, the games will star none other than Christopher Lloyd - the actor who brought Doc to life.