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Telltale's Back to the Future by Nov

Starring voice of Doc: Christopher Lloyd.

Telltale Games' episodic adaptation of Back to the Future will begin either in late October or early November. Better still, the games will star none other than Christopher Lloyd - the actor who brought Doc to life.

News of the date came from Back to the Future screenwriter Bob Gale, who's involved with the project.

"I've been having story meetings and exchanging emails and phone calls with the folks at Telltale to make sure that what they develop feels like Back To The Future," Gale told Digital Spy.

"My understanding is that the first instalment - this is a computer game not a console game - they'll be coming out in instalments with the levels released apart, I don't know what the exact schedule is. I think they're looking towards the end of October, beginning of November to release the first level."

News of Lloyd's involvement tumbled from USA Today.

Telltale's Back to the Future series will apparently span five episodes, involve the likenesses of Doc and McFly and even the DeLorean time machine itself.

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Back to the Future

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