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Sony: PS2 classics "en route" to Europe

"They are coming."

PlayStation 2 classics are "en route" to the European PlayStation Store, Sony has said.

"They are coming, I don't have an ETA yet but I have heard they are 'on route' [sic]" wrote PlayStation's Andy Stewart on the EU PlayStation Blog.

PS2 classics are part of the Only On PSN promotion and went live in the US on 4th October.

US gamers have Odin Sphere, Maximo: Ghosts To Glory, GrimGrimoire, Ring of Red and God Hand already. In Europe they are yet to materialise.

Sony has confirmed Only On PSN is not coming to Europe, but said it will be bringing the majority of the content to our shores, including classic PS2 titles.

When, exactly, remains a mystery.

"We will not be having the full 'Only on PSN' scheme," Stewart said this afternoon. "We will be replicating some of the deals but not all of them. Which ones and when I can't confirm yet."

Meanwhile, our version of PSone classic Arc the Lad is still in Japanese - despite the mistake being made last week.

"Arc the Lad is being fixed, sadly I don't have an ETA yet, once it is then it is my understanding that PLUS members will get it for free," Stewart said.

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