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DICE wants your feedback on Battlefield 3 accessories

Suggests nerfs and buffs for potential update.

DICE wants your feedback as it works out how to tweak Battlefield 3's accessories.

Core gameplay designer Alan Kertz started a thread on Reddit titled "Discussion of BF3 Weapon Accessories, and their Futures!" in which he said said he was working on changes to the shooter's accessories because "I feel the player is limited in choice due to a few accessories being the clear winners in almost all categories".

He admitted those accessories that are over-used will be nerfed, but insisted the focus of his effort was to improve under-performing and under-used attachments.

"Additionally it is the intention for an unmodified weapon to offer the best balance of Recoil, Accuracy, and Stealth," he said.

Kertz was unable to promise there will be an update to the game to tweak accessories - right now he's just after feedback and a discussion.

But he did propose a number of changes himself. Kertz suggested a nerf to the Foregrip ("currently it has no downside") and Suppressor ("not an overpowered, just over used/general purpose, accessory"), and a buff to the Bipod ("doesn't offer enough benefits on Carbines and Assault Rifles to be worth using"), Heavy Barrel ("aimed accuracy increase is useless") and Flash Suppressor (underwhelming generally).