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ESRB: Soulcalibur 5 has "large amounts of jiggling cleavage"

Female fighters show "portions of their buttocks", too.

In a step forward for video games, Soulcalibur 5 lets you increase the size of female fighters' breasts.

These breasts will then be exposed via skimpy outfits.

Wrote US age ratings board ESRB: "Some female fighters wear outfits that reveal large amounts of jiggling cleavage and portions of their buttocks.

"On the character creation menu, players can augment fighters' breast sizes and manipulate the camera to zoom in on their bodies."

Soulcalibur 5 contains gore and violence, as well as swear words "damn", "bitch" and "bastard" - which almost makes a sentence.

"This is a fighting game in which players engage in one-on-one combat against a large cast of human and superatural characters," the ESRB declared. "Players use guns, swords, spears and other melee weapons to strike opponents and drain their health meters.

"The frenetic battles are highlighted by slashing sounds, impact effects and frequent cries of pain. Cut-scenes depict additional acts of violence, such as characters getting impaled with swords."

The ESRB has deemed a Teen rating appropriate for Soulcalibur 5.

Look into their eyes, look into their eyes.

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