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3D Classics Kid Icarus on 3DS eShop this week

Plus the latest DSiWare, WiiWare.

3D Classics Kid Icarus soars onto the 3DS eShop this week.

Nintendo has been giving the game away free since the start of January to anyone who recently registered two Nintendo-published games.

But from this Thursday's update Kid Icarus is available to all, albeit at the cost of £5.40/€6.

Like all 3D Classics launches, Kid Icarus is a smartened up version of the original, which launched on the NES in 1986.

DSiWare game Pinball Pulse: The Ancients Beckon also arrives on the eShop for £4.50/€5. It's developed by Fuse Games, makers of the DS Metroid Prime Pinball spin-off.

Also on DSiWare, Castle Conqueror: Against (£1.80/€2), while TNT Racers launches on WiiWare for 1000 Points (about £7).

Eurogamer's Kristan Reed scored TNT Racers, available on PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade, a decent 7/10. "As a homage to past glories, Keen Games has done an admirable job. All you need is a Friday night, some old friends, gallons of beer and a gigantic pizza and the past is yours", he wrote.

TNT Racers.

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