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Vita/PS3 RPG Ruin gets a new name

It's now called Warrior's Lair.

Remember Vita/PlayStation 3 action RPG Ruin? Sure you do - Sony announced it at E3 last year. Well, it's gone and got itself a new name.

According to a listing on, as spotted by IGN, it's now called Warrior's Lair.

Co-developed by Pain studio Idol Minds and Sony San Diego, it's a Diablo-style dungeon crawler that you'll be able to play on both Vita and PlayStation 3 by virtue of cloud saving.

Expect familiar RPG tropes such as a leveling system, different character classes to choose from and piles of loot to hoover up.

Sony is yet to confirm a release date, though it's expected on shelves some time this year. Remind yourself of the E3 reveal below.

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