Warrior's Lair has been cancelled

Warrior's Lair has been cancelled

The Vita/PS3 cross-play dungeon crawler formerly known as Ruin is no more.

PS3 and Vita cross-play dungeon crawler Warrior's Lair - formerly known as Ruin - has been cancelled.

"Sony Computer Entertainment can confirm that Warrior's Lair for PS Vita is no longer in development," a Sony representative told IGN. "We apologise to those who pre-ordered the title and ask that they contact their retailer directly to cancel their pre-sale."

Warrior's Lair has seen a troubled development. First announced at E3 2011 as Ruin, Warrior's Lair was to be an action RPG with social elements wherein other players' performance would affect your game.

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Sony takes Pain developer off Warrior's Lair

Sony San Diego given sole responsibility for Vita dungeon crawler.

Idol Minds, the developer behind PSN plaything Pain, has been taken off forthcoming Vita/PS3 action RPG Warrior's Lair, Sony has confirmed.

Vita/PS3 RPG Ruin gets a new name

It's now called Warrior's Lair.

Remember Vita/PlayStation 3 action RPG Ruin? Sure you do - Sony announced it at E3 last year. Well, it's gone and got itself a new name.