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Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection patch released

Coincides with long-awaited EU PSN launch.

The long-awaited patch 1.02 for fighting game Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection has been released.

This week's European release of the PlayStation Network version of the game came with the update, designed to improve online play.

The patch was expected to roll out elsewhere overnight, NetherRealm chief Ed Boon Tweeted, but as TRMK notes, it has failed to materialise on the Xbox 360 or in the US for the PS3 version.

Official patch notes are not available, but TRMK has published its own set of notes based on its playtests.

The update adds a new video display option, called stretch, that fills a high definition TV. Audio glitches have been corrected, and player names have been added for online play.

And, crucially, online play itself is reportedly much improved. The video "gamma" level was reduced resulting in a less washed out.