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Where's Mortal Kombat Arcade on PS3?

Skips Europe PlayStation Store update.

The PlayStation 3 version of Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection appears to have been delayed in Europe.

It failed to appear on Sony's EU PlayStation Store update, published this afternoon.

Posting on the PlayStation Blog in response to a fan question, Ross McGrath, from the SCEE PlayStation Store Team, said: "It's not on my schedule yet I'm afraid, although I have it in the pre-publish system so it can't be far out."

Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection is live on the Xbox Marketplace. On PSN and PC it costs £6.29. Xbox 360 owners pay 800 Microsoft Points.

It's the first time the original Mortal Kombat arcade trilogy has been re-released in one package. Fighting fans get 2D classics Mortal Kombat, Mortal Kombat 2 and Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 in one bundle.

Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection is developed by Other Ocean in conjunction with NetherRealm studios. It features online play, leaderboards, achievements and trophies.

Eurogamer has contacted publisher Warner Bros. for clarification.