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Remedy "proud" of Rockstar's "brilliant" Max Payne 3

"They don't really make s***ty games, do they?"

Max Payne creator Remedy Entertainment has praised Rockstar's upcoming take on the series, and said Max Payne 3 looks "brilliant".

Remedy boss Oskari "Ozz" Hakkinen told Kotaku he was enthusiastic for the Rockstar-developed threequel, due on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in March.

"We absolutely love what they've done and couldn't be more proud of where the series is headed," Hakkinen said.

"I mean, [Rockstar] don't really make s***ty games, do they?" he continued. "It's as if the Rockstar logo has become this 'seal of quality'."

Alan Wake developer Remedy sold the Max Payne rights to Rockstar's parent Take-Two in 2002. The price? $10 million plus company stock.

Rockstar previously developed console ports of the original Max Payne for PS2, and Max Payne 2 for PS2 and Xbox.