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Long read: The beauty and drama of video games and their clouds

"It's a little bit hard to work out without knowing the altitude of that dragon..."

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Hands-on reports on internet tethering, web browser, apps, portability, more.

Hello listener(s)! Welcome to an extra special edition of the Podcast, where we're delighted to welcome an amazing new guest: Eurogamer's own PlayStation Vita!

That's right! Knowing that you're all very keen to find out whether the Vita is worth buying when it comes out on 22nd February, host Tom Champion and I sat down to interrogate the bastard thing for 45 minutes this morning. The Vita is Japanese, obviously, so I translated its responses.

In order to make sure the information was relevant, we even asked you for the questions in advance, so listen in to find out whether Vita works with iPhone tethering, what the onboard applications are like and what sort of things are on the Japanese PlayStation Store, and a few hints and tips for things you might not know Vita can do.

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We also talk in-depth about the web browser, the interface, the many control functions and how they work, what it's like to carry around and use in public, how well the games make use of its many functions, and - in what I can only assume is a genuine exclusive, albeit by default - we time how long it takes to get from the main menu to the start of Ridge Racer live for your benefit/amusement/ridicule.

We also spend a pleasingly small amount of time speculating about the Vita's commercial prospects, you'll be pleased to hear, although if you're into all of that then you can read much more elsewhere on the site.

We're still working our way through the launch line-up, with many more reviews to come before 22nd February, so check out the podcast and the features below and let us know in the comments if there are any more questions you want answering.

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We hope you enjoy! The Podcast goes up most Tuesdays at 5pm.