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Shank 2 release date announced

Sequel to EA's stab 'em up out next month.

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Shank 2, the follow-up to the OTT 2010 action platformer, launches on PC on 7th February and PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade on 8th February, publisher EA has announced.

The Klei Entertainment-developed title will set you back 800 Microsoft Points or your local equivalent of €9.99.

New additions include refined controls, new weapons, improved enemy AI and a more advanced combo system.

A co-op Survival Mode has also been added to which lets you team up with a friend either locally or online and take on wave after wave of enemy goons.

The original didn't quite live up to the promise of its stylish hand-drawn visuals, scoring a meagre 5/10.

"If Shank was an animated short, I'd happily roll a fat one and sit hurgh-hurghing on the sofa at the dumb grisliness of it all," read Kristan Reed's Shank review.

"But as a game, it just feels pointless and irritating, and about as engaging as repeatedly attacking the sofa with your own face."

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