Shank 2

Key events

EA Indie Bundle spotted on Steam

Implausibly titled pack to include Shank 2, Warp, more.

Shank developer announces Mark of the Ninja

Stylish stealth platformer is XBLA exclusive.

The Simpsons Arcade on EU PlayStation Store today

Plus Shank 2 and Uncharted 3 DLC.

VideoShank 2 trailer reveals survival mode footage

Cel-shaded side-scroller scheduled to return next week.

Shank 2 release date announced

Sequel to EA's stab 'em up out next month.

VideoShank 2 gameplay footage chainsaws in

Cel-shaded hero returning later this year.

Fresh Shank 2 screenshots land

Arty side-scroller back for more.

EA announces Shank 2 for early 2012

Stylish side-scroller back for more.