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PopCap to shut down Baking Life

Dozen it seem a shame?

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Casual culinary game Baking Life will close its oven doors for the last time on 31st January, owner PopCap has announced.

The game still reaches an audience of 100,000 daily users, but its future has been unclear since PopCap acquired Facebook developer ZipZapPlay in April last year.

Baking Life once attracted 6.7 million monthly players to its virtual cake shop, although currant monthly numbers are nearer 760,000.

Baking Life.

Players have less than two weeks to burn through all of their remaining in-game cash, bought through real-life money transferred into Facebook Credits.

"Unfortunately, we had to make a very difficult decision to shut down the game," PopCap's Garth Chouteau told InsideSocialGames. "The Baking Life player numbers have dropped in such a way that Baking Life is no longer performing well enough to justify continued support. As such, we are reallocating resources to games that we are developing for future release."

Baking Life players are being granted "rewards" in PopCap games Bejeweled and Zuma as a make-up present.

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