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Buffy/Firefly MMO developer closes its doors

Unfinished TV tie-ins follow Multiverse to its grave.

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The developer behind planned Firefly and Buffy The Vampire Slayer MMOs has gone to the wall before either game ever saw the light of day.

As reported by Massively, California-based Multiverse ceased operations last month.

Founded back in 2004, the company never actually released a commercial title, with its only tangible video game output being two Flash-based promotional titles for McDonalds and Coca Cola.

Its primary focus was its Multiverse Platform - a technology system aimed at reducing the costs of making online games.

It announced plans to release a Firefly MMO back in 2006, and a Buffy MMO in 2008. Movie director James Cameron sat on its board of advisors, with a Titanic MMO project apparently also planned at one time.

A message on the developer's website blamed its closure on the Platform's inability to "achieve a profitable business model."

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