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Mortal Kombat patch notes released

On Xbox 360 now. PS3 next week.

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NetherRealm has released a patch for Mortal Kombat, and has tested the changes it brings and detailed the patch notes.

The patch notes are reproduced below. From the looks of things, Subzero has received a pretty nifty boost.

The patch was released for the Xbox 360 version of the three million-selling game today. The patch goes live on PlayStation 3 next week.

Universal Changes

  • Blocked jumping punches provide less advantage on block.
  • The negative edge window has been shortened by 3 frames.


  • d+1 is similar to Kitana's d+1
  • EX d,f+2 travels full screen


  • resets using the net have been removed; saw blade does not OTG to bomb
  • 2,1~net, JP, 2,1~EX bomb, medium bomb, d+2, b+2 (one hit), 1,2,1~d,f+1 still works for 56per cent of damage


  • staff grab (d,f+2) has push back on block
  • f+4,3 is safe on block
  • the second boomerang of the EX boomerang returns, even on block


  • f+3 hits as an overhead


  • EX knife toss has better recovery than the regular knife toss; Kano can have an EX knife and a regular knife on the screen at the same time


  • EX gas blast has been fixed, so that the second hit does not hit one second later
  • nomad dash cancels are slower by a couple of frames, which affects Kabal's up close pressure game


  • ground fans do 6per cent of damage; aerial fans do 8per cent of damage


  • d+1 is 6 frames
  • b+1 is a couple of frames faster
  • teleport slam (d,u) has been slowed down but has bigger hitbox

Johnny Cage

  • f+3,2 is no longer special cancellable

Kung Lao

  • push back on block for spin (d,f+1) has been removed
  • low hat (d,b+2) has more recovery frames on block; low hat (d,b+2) leaves Kung Lao at neutral frames on hit
  • 2,4,1+2 and 2,1,2,1,2 are safe on block

Quan Chi

  • super armor has been added to sky drop (d,b+3)


  • teleport (d,u) has one or two added frames of recovery
  • vicinity blast (d,b+2) gives less advantage on block
  • the "second" teleport of the EX teleport can be canceled into any attack or movement of your choice


  • elbow dash (b,f+2) has push back on block; specific frame data unknown
  • armor has been added to EX slide


  • takedown (d,b+4) is safe; specific frame data unknown
  • EX takedown is faster and covers more distance


  • up missile glitch has been fixed to function in strings


  • fireball (d,f+2) hits mid
  • EX fireball is an overhead
  • anti-air grab (d,f+1) is faster and has less recoevry frames
  • EX jump stomp has super armor from beginng to end


  • EX scream is faster


  • more time between dagger cancels has been added
  • back throw damage has been reduced to 11per cent
  • slide into up / down slash have been removed
  • Skarlet can dash and perform u+3


  • b+1,2,2 is 100per cent safe
  • grenades (d,b+1 and d,b+2) have less recovery frames
  • EX roll toss has armor for the entire duration
  • the second hit of the EX baton sweep is an overhead

Sub Zero

  • EX slide has super armor, faster speed, and travels full screen
  • the reset combos involving b+2* have been removed

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