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12 million "outdated" consoles lurk in UK homes - Asda

£1.50 for an Xbox 1 - that's Asda price.

Green and white supermarket Asda believes there are 12 million "outdated" games consoles lurking in homes up and down the UK.

But what does "outdated" constitute?

"We asked people to quantify how many items (from a list) they owned but no longer used," Asda explained to Eurogamer.

The point being, Asda is buying these dusty old machines.

You can pocket £24.50 for a PSP, £20.50 for a DS Lite and £46.10 for a Wii.

The Asda Tech Trade-In website offers prices for all goods. So we decided to try our few of our own.

A loaf of bread for your DSi XL, madam?

Asda buys original working Xboxes for a whopping £1.50, and PlayStation 2s for £3. You're saying PS2s are twice as valuable, Asda?

GameCubes aren't listed, sniff.

The trade-in service isn't limited to games consoles. The same poll used by Asda showed there could be up to 35 million unused mobile phones in UK homes. There could also be 11 million digital cameras, 9 million old PCs, 5.5 million laptops and more than a million forgotten about Sat Navs.

Asda buys iPhone 3GS 16GBs for £90.50 - the most expensive item on the list supplied.

What's more, Asda promises not to be beaten on price by a competitor, and will pay the difference if you find a better deal.

The poll Asda used was Omnibus Vision Critical, which was part of the Angus Reid Public Opinion. The survey was carried out in May 2011 on 2029 varied UK adults.

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