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December PES 2012 patch notes

Better goalies and search! Bugs fixed!

Konami has detailed an "upcoming" patch for PES 2012.

Goalkeepers have been improved and are now better at stopping balls from long shots.

You can search for opponents based on pass support settings, which will replace Friendly Match or Player Match (depending on version) in Quick Match mode.

The Speed Star skill card has been tweaked to improve realism.

There's a wee list of bugs that have been fixed below. Konami has also solved some game-freezing and hanging problems in the Online and Become a Legend modes, as well as while selecting Game Plan combinations.

Bugs fixed:

  • Issues with one or more players given a red card in a match, but 11 players available after loading formation
  • In the myPES application, we have corrected the situation where a draw result is given after win/lose on the penalties
  • Occasionally meaningless numbers were appearing when accessing the Community menu from the Community Card list
  • Formation data in the Formation settings on the Game Plan screen can only be saved from the P1 controller
  • Game data can be saved/loaded for both sides if you exit the Data Management menu while your opponent is saving/loading the game data and then enter the Data Management menu again on the Game Plan screen

After this, Konami sets to work on the Winter Transfer Window update.

PES 2012 was the start of a promising return to form for Konami's once critically dominant football series. Eurogamer's PES 2012 review awarded 8/10.

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