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PES 2013 on Wii looks uncannily like PES 2012

FIFA fo fum, I smell the blood of Konami-san.

PES 2013 on Wii bears an uncanny resemblance to PES 2012 on Wii. It's almost as if Konami saw an opportunity for a quick quid and re-released last year's game with new squads and a new menu.

As uncannily similar as this man is to David Beckham.

Nintendo Gamer did all the hard work, comparing the 2013 and 2012 versions of Konami's football game. The similarities are abundant, evidence compelling.

Konami UK responded to the allegations with "no comment" this morning.

We've been here before with football games on Wii: FIFA 12 and FIFA 13 were almost identical but for new squads and kits. Mind you, FIFA 13 costs £30; PES 2013 has a budget £15 tag.

Have EA and Konami given up on Wii - has Wii U replaced it already?

As Nintendo Gamer pointed out, none of this bodes well for Wii U either. What's more, we already know FIFA 13 on Wii U won't match the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions, although it will have some new features to make up for that.

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