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Konami launches PES 2012 Facebook app

Rewards players with in-game bonuses.

Konami has launched myPES, a free Facebook app for players of PES 2012 on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 that rewards users with in-game bonuses.

Players who use myPES receive double game points in PES 2012 and other game-related bonuses for attaining specific goals and tasks.

The app also allows users to create personalised leagues to compete in against friends, with match results synced to appear on users' Facebook profiles.

myPES records any one-against-one match result, both online and offline, played with pals.

"PES 2012 is entertaining and rewarding and we can't wait to see where Konami takes it next year," Eurogamer's Tom Bramwell wrote in our 8/10 PES 2012 review, "and that's a nice feeling to welcome back."