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Xbox Live EA sale deals detailed

Dead Space 2! Mass Effect 2! Dragon Age 2! NFS!

Third party behemoth EA has discounted dozens of games and game add-ons this week on Xbox Live.

Savings include half price DLC for last year's Dragon Age 2, Dead Space 2 and 2010's top Need for Speed offering Hot Pursuit.

For those who've missed the sale until now, there's still plenty of time to take advantage: the price reductions last until next Monday.

Burnout developer Criterion's left-field spin-off Burnout Crash is 50 per cent off, as are mech shooter Gatling Gears and cel-shaded side-scroller Shank.

Arrival, the final slice of Mass Effect 2 DLC, also comes half price, ahead of Mass Effect 3's March release.

The full list of offers lies below.

Dead Space 2: Severed.