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Trine 2 with Sony Computer Entertainment Europe QA now

Frozenbyte "very disappointed" with failed simultaneous launch.

The PlayStation Network version of Trine 2 is currently going through the Sony Computer Entertainment Europe QA process, developer Frozenbyte has confirmed to Eurogamer.

The PSN version of the game launched as planned in the US in December, but failed to launch on the European PS Store.

It looks like the game failed the QA process at SCEE, which operates independent of other SCE divisions.

Frozenbyte vice president Joel Kinnunen told Eurogamer he was disappointed Trine 2 didn't launch in the US and Europe at the same time because, in his opinion, both versions of the game were the same.

"Trine 2 is in SCEE's QA now," he said. "There was probably a holiday pause but things should be back to normal now so hopefully we'll hear more soon.

"We are anxiously awaiting the European release ourselves! We had both SCEA and SCEE versions ready at the same time and they are basically 100 per cent the same (SCEA version already has all European languages, for example), so we are very disappointed we couldn't have a simultaneous launch. But it's out of our hands."

Currently, Trine 2 on PS3 in Europe is without a release date - but with any luck gamers won't have to wait too long.

"Right now we can only hope the release is as soon as possible," Kinnunen said.