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3D Kid Icarus headlines eShop update

Free for those in Club Nintendo promotion.

3D Classics Kid Icarus launches this Thursday as part of the first Nintendo eShop update of 2012.

The classic action platformer has been updated with new 3D graphics. It's free to anyone who has registered for the Club Nintendo promotion after registering two games on their Nintendo 3DS.

Nintendo said the deadline for registration in 31st January, so you can register now and get 3D Kid Icarus for free when it launches.

Also out this week is plant-based platformer Trip World (Sunsoft - £2.70/€3.00), and maths problem-solving game Successfully Learning Mathematics Year 2 (Tivola - eShop and DSi Shop, £4.50/€5.00/500 Nintendo DSi points).

Three new levels for 3D puzzle platformer Pyramids go live - free to all who own the game. You need to scan the QR codes, below, using the in-game QR code option to access them.

And finally, Fish Tank (iFun4all - 500 Wii points), an arcade-style matching game, goes live on the Wii Shop channel.

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