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Sony: UK Move sales in 2011 should have been better

But insists peripheral has a "solid foothold".

Sony has conceded that sales of the PlayStation Move peripheral during 2011 could have been better in the UK.

Speaking in an interview with MCV, Sony Computer Entertainment UK boss Fergal Gara explained that the device has underperformed, but nonetheless has found a market.

"I'd say we have a solid foothold with [Move]. Could it, should it, have done more? I think so," he said, before adding that ensuring quality software for the add-on is key to its success going forward.

"It is the strength of the software that goes with it that is paramount. And we've had a widely different performance from the various Move titles. Sports Champions is by far the most successful, selling a couple of hundred thousand units, which is a healthy performance. But it does vary thereafter.

"So I'd say we are in the market, we have got a shout. Forthcoming titles are going to be important. We take some encouragement from things we can mention, such as Sorcery which is on the schedule, and other things that we know are bubbling under. It is a focus from a studio point-of-view to bring out stronger titles."

SCE Europe boss Jim Ryan also chimed in, admitting that Sony's marketing message for Move hadn't been clear enough post launch.

"Across Europe, the middle part of 2011 was slower than we'd have liked," he admitted.

There are a few things that we have got a lot more clear-minded about in terms of targeting the family, social markets, and not being all things to all men with Move.

"We were very energetic in our marketing, and the early signs are that that has paid off. Also our developers are making a step-change in their ability to do exciting things with Move software. And the fruits of that will be seen in 2012 and beyond."

Earlier this week Sony announced that it sold 1.7 million Move units over the Christmas period.

Microsoft hasn't been too forthcoming with sales of its competing Kinect device, though did announce this week that the peripheral has shipped 18 million units to retail since launch in November 2010.