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PixelJunk Eden heads to Steam

Out next week.

2008 PlayStation Network game PixelJunk Eden will make the jump to PC via Steam, developer Q-Games has announced.

The Steam version launches next week, on 2nd February.

It has been re-jigged for release on PC, with re-tuned controls and enemies. The Grimp - the character you control - can now warp back to his last resting position. This uses a little bit of your energy but does mean you no longer have to worry about missing an important jump.

Additionally, you can now save your progress in each garden, so you can just start from the last Spectra you grabbed when you go back in.

For $9.99 you get the full game and the Encore DLC. The 17-song soundtrack will be sold separately as DLC for $6.

"Steam has always been a great platform for indie games and I have admired the way they have supported non-traditional game development with titles such as Terraria, Bastion, World of Goo, etc.," Q-Games boss Dylan Cuthbert said.

"We had a blast revisiting it to prepare it for Steam."

He added: "When I was thinking through the catalog of PixelJunk games, Eden was the one that stood out to me as perfect for the Steam audience. The beautiful graphics and colours are striking on a PC monitor especially at higher resolutions than the standard HDTV 1080p and the game is perfect for the more point/click style that comes with mouse control.

"The relaxing yet challenging style of the game is great for quick play sessions during lunchtime at work too!"

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