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PixelJunk Eden Encore out next month

Next PixelJunk game "flying along".

PixelJunk Eden Encore will be released next month, Q-Games boss Dylan Cuthbert has said on the PlayStation Blog.

"Eden Encore will be coming out very soon in April," Cuthbert wrote. "Get ready for zero gravity, mirror worlds, all new music from Baiyon, and we've added something extra special at the end which is a Big Secret and is a present to all the fans.

"On top of all this, we're flying along with the next new PixelJunk title (we're calling it #4 for now) and even experimenting with future PixelJunk ideas too."

The last Encore update, for PixelJunk Monsters, introduced 15 new levels, including nods to old arcade games, along with a variety of gameplay tweaks. Q-Games hasn't said anything about Eden Encore pricing, but Monsters Encore went for USD 5.99 when it launched.

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