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PixelJunk Eden Trophies outlined

YouTube support also included.

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Q-Games has detailed some of the Trophies in PixelJunk Eden, the flowery PSN game that should be released in demo form sometime today.

PSN titles are allocated fewer Trophies than full-scale Blu-ray releases, according to Q-Games boss Dylan Cuthbert, and they're not allowed the elusive platinum reward.

Anyway, to earn a bronze Trophy in PixelJunk Eden, you need to open every seed on one level. Other Trophies are given out for destroying 500 prowlers or collecting 15 crystals in one jump.

Cuthbert says his favourite reward is only obtainable when playing with two friends; you have to bounce one person between the other two for a total of five times without the ball-person touching the ground.

PixelJunk Eden also has built-in YouTube support, which requires simple one-button commands to execute and has no impact on performance.

We're told Q-Games is looking into retroactively fitting PixelJunk Monsters with Trophies, as well integrating in-game XMB music; if the demand is high enough, the features will be added.

Head over to our PixelJunk Eden gamepage for plenty more information.

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