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Two more PixelJunk games for PSN

Eden and Dungeons.

Q-Games has said it has two more PixelJunk games in development for the PlayStation Store.

The first of these will be PixelJunk Eden, an abstract puzzle game that bears a passing resemblance to LocoRoco. You are a little blob and have to eat pollen and birth flowers and become a part of the environment around you.

It's bright and colourful and was described as "kind of like an organic Mario" by studio boss Dylan Cuthbert at the Independent Games Summit in Japan earlier this week (reported by Gamasutra).

With a proposed development time of around six to seven months, Eden should be out very soon indeed - work began last June. Pop over to YouTube to see it in action.

The other title to come is PixelJunk Dungeons, a top-down dungeon crawler, although little else is known about it.

PixelJunk Racers and PixelJunk Monsters are the two already available on PSN. The former is a racing game where you have to dodge traffic while gaining speed around a little track, while the latter is a real-time strategy affair and rather good at that.

Despite all being very different, Cuthbert is keen for us to get to know the PixelJunk name and its emphasis on "simplicity, familiarity, and originality", which is why they all carry the title.

Pleased to meet you, PixelJunk.

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