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FIFA 12 console patch in 2-3 weeks

Will make "big corrections".

EA will release a patch for the console versions of FIFA 12 in two to three weeks.

It will implement "big corrections", senior community manager Romily Broad revealed on the latest episode of the FIFA 12 podcast.

Sooner than that, EA will issue a fix for FIFA Ultimate Team, the add-on experience that's played on the internet and within the main game.

FUT has been criticised by some fans who are unable to access it. Broad said EA was deliberately capping the web app as it waits for the huge spike of launch period players to settle down.

EA also plans to correct a number of issues with the PC version of the game, including unnecessarily large downloads and disconnects associated with Origin.

Separate to all of this, though, is the thorny issue of goalkeepers in Head to Head Seasons mode - the new ranked online gameplay system for FIFA 12.

Online, you're able to control your team's goalkeeper, leaving the skilled AI to handle the outfield players.

"People seem to be exploiting this," Broad said. "If they're not very good at defending they can use this to get an unfair advantage.

"People who are very good at the game won't have a problem. They'll just be able to pass it around your defenders and you'll find yourself one-on-one with their top strikers every time.

"But that's something we've got under review. If we think the vast majority of people hate it we'll do something about it.

"I can't tell you any more than that. I can't tell you when that might happen, but we're reviewing all the feedback from people. We're looking especially, even harder, at the game telemetry. If you go to our forums and hear everyone saying the same thing, that's great, but you can't just rely on that because the people who haven't got a problem with it aren't talking. So we need to figure out what they're doing as well.

"We're looking at all of that stuff and we're going to make a call on that. But just so you know, if you've got a problem with that, we're looking at it. It's a very serious thing we're looking at."

Broad said EA was committed to updating FIFA 12 more frequently than it did with any previous FIFA game, and will do so throughout the season.

"The general message is we're looking at all of this stuff and we're going to be fixing them very, very soon," he said.

"Things are different with FIFA 12. The first patch for the console is going to be coming out within days, like maybe 14 or 21 of them. Two or three weeks from now the first patch will happen and that's going to make big corrections to some of the things that are bothering people the most.

"We're going to be doing this constantly, with our thumbs in the middle of the community trying to get people to tell us what they think, and then we'll be acting on it for the rest of the season.

"That's a commitment we're definitely making. It would be nice if people came and talked to us about the things that are bothering them, because we are going to be listening."

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