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Huge Duke Nukem PC patch live

14 years and still not done.

A PC patch for Duke Nukem Forever has gone live. It doubles the game's single-player weapon capacity from two to four.

The poorly-recieved shooter was criticised for limiting players to two weapons in campaign mode, a decision developer 3D Realms blamed on mapping the game to console controls.

"We tried for a long time to support lots of guns but we simply could not find a nice way to map it to a controller, despite trying 4-5 designs," 3D Realms boss George Broussard previously explained.

Patch plans previously promised Valve Anti-Cheat System (VAC) support, push-to-talk voice chat, and the ability to adjust the game's field of view. All of these are present and correct.

In addition to the above, auto-aim has been tweaked, enhanced blood effects have been added and leaderboard cheats have been squashed.

There are no current plans to bring the patch to PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 versions of the game.

The full list of included improvements:

  • 4-weapon inventory option in single-player campaign
  • Multiplayer server favourites
  • Dedicated server overhaul
  • FOV [Field of View] can be modified
  • Change VOIP to push-to-talk (bandwidth fix)
  • VAC anti-cheat system enabled
  • Support for Japanese Steam ID's for PC release in Japan
  • Auto-aim fix
  • Blood effects on surfaces behind enemies when shot
  • Steam.exe no longer uses unusually high amount of CPU
  • Texture quality improvements
  • Fixes to prevent single player and multiplayer save data corruption
  • Leaderboard exploit fixed
  • AMD Dual-Core Optimizer no longer automatically installed (fixes rare bugs with Intel processors)
  • Crash/compatibility fixes and other minor bugs
Duke Nukem's Capture the Babe.

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