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Two new DoDonPachi titles coming from Cave

Blissful Death for iOS, Maximum for Windows Phone 7.

Shmup specialist Cave has lifted the lid on two new entries in its vintage DoDonPachi bullet hell franchise.

As revealed on its Twitter feed, DoDonPachi: Blissful Death is currently in the works for iOS platforms, while DoDonPachi Maximum is coming to Windows Phone 7.

Blissful Death is likely a port of Japan-only 2002 PlayStation 2 effort DoDonPachi: Dai Ou Jou.

No further details were offered on either title, though teaser sites are now live - see Blissful Death and Maximum.

The last game in the series to see a Western release was excellent Xbox 360 effort DoDonPachi Resurrection late last year.

Cave recently announced plans to refocus on mobile and social games following a slump in its financials.