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DoDonPachi: Blissful Death iOS release date announced

You'll need an iPhone 4 or iPad 2 to play it.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Bullet hell shooter Dodonpachi: Blissful Death arrives on the App Store from 9th February, developer Cave has announced.

A portable version of 2002 arcader DoDonPachi: Dai Ou Jou, it'll cost you £2.99/€3.99/$4.99.

Be warned, it's only compatible with an iPhone 4, 4S, iPad 2 or a 4th generation iPod touch. Not only that, but you'll need to be running iOS 4.3.

Take a look at the trailer below for more.

There's one other DoDonPachi title on the horizon - DoDonPachi Maximum for Windows Phone 7, due later this year. The last time the series had a run-out on these shores was with 2011's excellent DoDonPachi Resurrection: Deluxe Edition on Xbox 360.

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