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Super Crate Box iOS update incoming

Vlambeer celebrates 5 million crates collected.

The iOS version of hit indie platformer Super Crate Box is due a fresh batch of content any day now, developer Vlambeer has announced.

Vlambeer had promised an update as soon as five million crates had been collected in the game following its App Store release earlier this week.

Sure enough, that milestone was passed within 48 hours of the game going on sale, prompting the developer to post the following on its Twitter feed:

"5 MILLION CRATES COLLECTED IN SUPER CRATE BOX IOS IN LESS THAN TWO DAYS. We're getting that update submitted RIGHT NOW & we love you."

No word yet on exactly what new content the update will offer.

The fiendishly addictive time-waster picked up a 9/10 from Eurogamer's Christian Donlan yesterday.

"It's endlessly cheerful, and cheerfully deadly, and it's the perfect digital companion for the month of January, with its frosty clarity and new years' resolutions," read his Super Crate Box review.

"Here is a piece of design that offers a path to true mastery through careful practice. Here is a game that provides unceasing opportunities for self-improvement."

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