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Infinity Blade franchise nets Epic $30 million

Sequel makes $5 million in its first month.

The Infinity Blade franchise has now raked in over $30 million, publisher Epic Games has announced.

That total includes both iOS games, a tie-in digital novella Infinity Blade: Awakening and arcade unit Infinity Blade FX.

The first game, released in December 2010, has so far earned $23 million, with the sequel adding a further $5 million since it launched last month.

The publisher noted that the game has also inspired significant licensing interest in its underlying Unreal Engine 3 tech.

"The success of the Infinity Blade franchise is testament to our talented team who is devoted to making games we want to play, all while using Unreal Engine technology to redefine what is expected from games on iOS devices," commented Epic Games boss Mike Capps.

"We have so much more in store for players, and will continue to make great content for Apple's evolving platforms."

Developed by Shadow Complex creator Chair Entertainment, the recent sequel netted a solid 8/10 from Eurogamer's Mark Brown.

"Chair's unreal sword-swinging romp still puts up a hefty fight, and most of the added loot adds just enough to bring Infinity Blade fans back for a second, vengeful stab at victory," read his Infinity Blade 2 review.