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Infinity Blade 2 Review

Zone of the endless.

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Chair on pushing iOS tech to its limits.

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Chair's iOS sequel cuts a dash.

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Infinity Blade 2 ClashMob update due next week

Infinity Blade 2 ClashMob update due next week

Join forces with thousands of players to take down huge bosses.

A major new Infinity Blade 2 update due to go live on 12th April adds an ambitious new "ClashMob" mode to Epic's hugely successful iOS sword combat title.

As detailed by IGN, you'll be able to team up with thousands of other players to slowly chip away at huge bosses boasting a massive amount of HP. Should the enemy be toppled in a set period of time all those who've fought it will be rewarded with exclusive loot.

Developer Chair Entertainment hopes to have around three challenges ongoing at any one time, each of which will take on a slightly different form.

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Imminent Apple announcement for iPad HD, which isn't iPad 3 - report

Apple's imminent iPad event will be the time and place for an iPad HD reveal, not an iPad 3 reveal, VentureBeat has been informed.

In other words, the new iPad will be the iPhone 4S of Apple's tablet plans - an incremental upgrade.

VentureBeat heard the word from "a reliable source" who has apparently been accurate with Apple rumours in the past.

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New Epic IP "radically different", a "departure"

"We haven't been nervous like this for a while!"

The new IP from Gears of War developer Epic Games to be announced at the Spike Video Game Awards this weekend will be "radically different" and is intended to be a "departure" for the US studio, it has said.

Infinity Blade 2 Review

Infinity Blade 2 Review

Zone of the endless.

It's fitting, isn't it, that Infinity Blade should return this way. As in, it looks virtually identical to last year's effort but hides a layer of ability and confidence that Chair's inaugural iOS release missed.

That was the story with the first game's endless procession of vengeful heroes. Every time your character was bested by the stony-faced God King - unceremoniously bashed-in by his titular blade - your kid would come back to the foot of the same fortress, wearing the same armour, wielding the same sword, but packing a little added vigour.

Thanks to a few more experience points, an improved arsenal and a little cross-generational foresight into the tells and techniques of the castle's henchmen, your offspring would rock up to the ultimate bad guy and last a little longer in a battle of wits, parries and blocks.

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iPhone 4S sells 4m in three days

iPhone 4S sells 4m in three days

Highest ever sales for a phone's first weekend.

Apple sold a whopping four million iPhone 4S units in the three days after launch.

That's the highest first weekend sales ever for a phone.

More than 25 million customers are now using iOS 5, an upgraded mobile operating system.

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Chair talks Infinity Blade 2, iPhone 4S

Plus, a message for Shadow Complex fans.

The impending follow-up to Epic's acclaimed iOS hit Infinity Blade is bigger, bolder and more ambitious than the original, so says developer Chair Entertainment.

Infinity Blade 2 announced

Infinity Blade 2 announced

Sequel to Epic's iOS hit in December.

Infinity Blade 2 has just been debuted live on stage at Apple's Fall conference by Epic's Mike Capps.

Due on the App Store from 1st December, the sequel to last year's Chair-developed sword sim features all new locations, new fighting styles, new rewards and "deep" RPG elements.

There are also new online features promised, such as Clash Mob, where you'll team up with other gamers in "massively social" challenges to unlock rare weapons and items.

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