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No Bastion 2 planned, despite strong sales

Any return to Caelondia won't be "financially motivated".

Bastion 2 is not currently on the cards, despite the fact that its acclaimed indie action RPG Bastion has been a huge success, this week passing the 500,000 sales mark.

Supergiant Games' Greg Kasavin told Eurogamer that the title's success has given the fledgling studio the freedom to self-fund its next project and try something new.

"Our stance around what we want to do in the future hasn't changed in light of Bastion's success," he explained.

"Thankfully Bastion has performed well enough to give us the resources to create another game on our own terms, meaning we can self-fund the project and take the time we need to get it right."

He declined to offer specifics on exactly what it has planned, but confirmed that the original Bastion development team is intact.

"We're a long way away from being able to talk about that next project in any kind of detail, though, except to say that our core team will be sticking together to create whatever it is.

"We didn't reveal Bastion until more than a year into its development because we feel that games that aren't ready to be played aren't ready to be showed."

Kasavin didn't completely rule out a return to Bastion's universe at some point, adding that if it did decide to do so, it would be to scratch a creative itch rather than chase financial reward.

"We always intended for Bastion to be a stand-alone game though we did aim to create a rich world for it that could potentially support other stories.

"I don't know if we'll ever go back to the world of that game, though if we do it will be at a time when the team wants to do that more than anything else. It can't just be a financially motivated decision because that's not how Bastion was created in the first place.

"Ultimately we have a lot of ideas for our future and feel that creating a sense of surprise in all our games is very important."

Bastion was among Eurogamer's Games of 2011 - see John Teti's appraisal to find out why.

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