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TERA publisher "rejects" NCsoft lawsuit

En Masse still planning May US release.

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The US publisher of forthcoming MMO TERA has responded to a lawsuit filed by Guild Wars developer NCsoft that claims the game's creators stole its tech and artwork.

A post on TERA's official forum today saw En Masse Entertainment's publishing VP Chris Lee reject the accusations and insist that it's still planning to go ahead with TERA's May launch.

"We are disappointed that NCsoft is attempting to mar the launch of TERA. Unfortunately we can't discuss much publicly due to the sensitivity of legal actions, but we do outright reject the NCsoft claims, and we are going to do everything in our power to defend and protect ourselves," he wrote.

"To all our supporters who have been anticipating the arrival of TERA - please know that this situation has no impact on our continuing efforts to realize the vision we have for our game. We are committed to making TERA awesome and delivering the game to you on time on May 1. Thank you for your patience and support."

NCsoft has accused members of Bluehole Studio, the South Korean developer behind TERA, of stealing assets while employed at NCsoft. They've already been found guilty in Korea, though an appeal is pending.

As it stands, TERA is due to launch in Europe on 3rd May and in North America on 1st May.

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