VideoTera trailer details combat system

The Exiled Realm of Arborea opens its doors today.

VideoThe races and classes of Tera

Korean MMO launches next week here.

VideoA trailer for action game-style MMO Tera

Those outfits in weather like this?

VideoTera gets firmer with a new trailer

She'll need a shower after that.

Key events

Fantasy MMO Tera goes free-to-play with rousing new trailer

Fantasy MMO Tera has today gone free-to-play.

Servers for Tera: Rising, as it's called, are now online. A new content patch has been released alongside a new launch trailer, below.

You can download the client and create a free account from the official website. If you bought the full version you're automatically upgraded to veteran user status, which grans eight character slots, more bank tabs and a unique title.

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Fantasy MMO Tera goes free-to-play nine months after launch

South Korean fantasy MMO Tera goes free-to-play in February, nine months after launching with a traditional subscription.

Gameforge, which manages Tera in Europe, announced that those who have already played and paid will be granted Veteran status following the switch. Unlike free players, Veterans will have all eight character slots instead of two, four bank tabs instead of one and a special title available in-game.

There's also the Tera Club, which you'll automatically join if you still have an active subscription by February. This status provides you with bonuses and boosts during your remaining subscription time after Tera goes free-to-play. After it expires you'll switch to Veteran status.

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Eurogamer announces trio of games for Rezzed show

Eurogamer announces trio of games for Rezzed show

TERA! RaiderZ! Strike Suit Zero!

Today brings confirmation of a fresh trio of titles playable at Eurogamer's Rezzed: The PC and Indie Games Show.

Space combat title Strike Suit Zero, from ex-doublesix studio Born Ready, will be playable for the first time anywhere. It's due for launch this year as a downloadable title on PC, PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade.

Then there's a world-first hands-on with the latest version of RaiderZ, a free-to-play monster-hunting MMO.

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From panties to shorties: why the young anime girls of Tera were censored

"I'm a flat chested girl, come... I won't say any bad words but you know what I mean."

MMO Tera features a fictional race of scantily clad young anime girls called the Elin. In South Korea, where the game was made, player controlled Elin characters are free to prance about Tera's persistent fantasy world wearing outfits that would make their mothers blush.

Blood returns to European Tera with patch next week

Blood returns to European Tera with patch next week

Plus, emblems, political system, bug fixes, more.

Blood returns to the European version of fantasy MMO Tera with the launch of the first post launch patch next week.

Tera's European publisher Frogster told Eurogamer the patch, tentatively titled 1.0.29, will add the long called for blood detail slider to the game, among other new features.

The European version of the game, which carries a PEGI 12 age rating, launched last week without the blood detail slider, causing an uproar among the player base. This will be reinstated next week when the patch launches, although the level of blood in the European version of the game will remain censored versus the North American version.

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A Week of Tera

A report from the opening weekend of the MMO contender. Can it steal Guild Wars 2's thunder?

Launched last week, Tera's goal is to take the often staid world of MMO questing and add a hefty infusion of "True Action Combat". Here are a few thoughts from the launch and the first 20-and-a-bit levels to help give you an idea of whether it's the MMO for you.

When the Tera head start and launch phases begin

Head start access to MMO Tera begins today. Doors open at 2pm UK BST time (3pm CEST).

Those who pre-ordered Tera qualify.

Head start access closes on Monday, 30th April shortly before midnight (10.59pm BST). The servers themselves go offline a whole two minutes later at 11.01pm BST.

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Tera fans launch petition after EU version is censored

Tera fans launch petition after EU version is censored

"This time you have crossed the line."

Tera fans have launched an online petition after discovering the European version of the massively multiplayer online game is censored.

Tera, which is in open beta (it ends tomorrow, 24th April), is rated Mature in the US. In Europe it is rated 12+, and publisher Frogster has acknowledged it has made cuts for our version.

"We, as members of the Tera community, feel that this time you have crossed the line," reads the petition's manifesto. "The community was patient for a very, very long time with your incompetence and childish games. You have played with the boundries [sic] of how much the community can take. Count in all the false information that was given to us. False because now you are changing almost each one of your previous statements."

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Tera: beta dates and pre-order bonuses

Tera: beta dates and pre-order bonuses

Try the action game-style MMO.

Tera's open beta starts on 19th April, the MMO's European publisher Frogster has announced.

Before that, there will be five closed beta weekends. The first of these begins Friday, 17th February.

Before that - this weekend - there will be two closed nine-hour Tera play sessions. These are on Saturday and Sunday from 3pm CET (2pm UK time)

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TERA publisher "rejects" NCsoft lawsuit

En Masse still planning May US release.

The US publisher of forthcoming MMO TERA has responded to a lawsuit filed by Guild Wars developer NCsoft that claims the game's creators stole its tech and artwork.

NCsoft attempts to block TERA's launch

NCsoft attempts to block TERA's launch

Accuses developer of stealing software and artwork.

Guild Wars publisher NCsoft has launched legal action against the developer of forthcoming MMO TERA in an attempt to block its impending US launch.

According to court documents filed on 9th January and since obtained by MMOCulture, its trade secrets and unfair competition lawsuit claims that developer Bluehole Studio stole its software and assets. The Korean studio is comprised of former NCsoft employees who worked on the as yet unreleased Lineage 3.

"These individuals did not leave NCsoft empty-handed or with benign intent," the complaint reads.

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