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ESRB: Twisted Metal has scissor face-stabbing

Mature age-rating has teensy spoilers.

Quaint PlayStation 3 exclusive Twisted Metal features a live action sequence in which a serial killer is stabbed in the face with scissors.

Another live action sequence shows a woman holding a bloodied saw and severed head; another shows machete stabbings in hospital; and yet another contains a woman bleeding from the neck.

These "intense acts of violence" have helped the game to a cheese-like Mature rating. Sweary creator David(stow) Jaffe will be happy.

"This is a combat racing game in which players assume the role of contestants battling for supremacy in a competition called Twisted Metal," the ESRB explained.

"As players drive through urban landscapes, they can use chainsaws, machine guns, flame throwers and missiles to destroy other vehicles; races are highlighted by realistic gunfire and over-the-top explosions.

"Players can also choose to run over fleeing pedestrians, resulting in large blood-splatter effects.

"One mode's objective is to capture enemy leaders; a large blood trail is depicted as screaming characters are dragged behind players' vehicle."

Naughty verbals "motherf**ker", "sh*t" and "a*shole" are heard during game dialogue.