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Growlanser: Wayfarer of Time gets Western release

Is this the final PSP game?

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Tactical JRPG Growlanser: Wayfarer of Time arrives in the US on 24th July, publisher Atlus has announced.

It's a localised version of Japan-only release Growlanser 4: Over Reloaded, which originally launched back in Summer 2011, and will be available both as a PSN download and as a boxed UMD.

Atlus promises a number of enhancements to the original title, including new characters and scenarios, improved loading times and a message skip option allowing players to move the story on at a faster pace.

The publisher claims there's more than 40 hours of gameplay to be had, with over 40 different endings to unlock.

Some bad news though: while Atlus has added an English voice-over to cut scenes, it's been forced to strip all voice work out of the rest of the game. The publisher wasn't able to license the original Japanese voice track and the cost of translating the entire script into English was apparently "prohibitive".

With the Vita launch nearly upon us, Growlanser could prove to be one of the final physical PSP releases. The only other significant launches currently scheduled in the US are Vanillaware RPG Grand Knights History in February, Major League Baseball 2K12 in March and Atlus strategy RPG Gungnir in June.

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