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Insomniac explains departure from Resistance series

The end of a Chimera.

Insomniac big cheese Ted Price has recorded a video statement confirming yesterday's news that the developer will no longer work on the PS3 series of Resistance games.

You could say the studio now resists resisting Resistance resistance.

"Some of you may have seen the headlines we inadvertently made through an interview I did, where I confirmed that we are not making any more Resistance games," a calm Price pronounced. "Now this is not the first time that those of us at Insomniac have said this, but today it was big news.

"So I did want to confirm it, face to face, that we are not moving on with the Resistance franchise."

He added: "We believe that Resistance has reached its logical conclusion in terms of the story that we wanted to tell. However, that doesn't mean the Resistance franchise isn't continuing; it's already in the capable hands of Nihilistic, and Sony's shepherding. We know that it will continue to live on and expand. And we're excited, as fanboys, to see where it goes.

"So I did want to confirm it, face to face, that we are not moving on with the Resistance franchise."

Ted Price, CEO and president, Insomniac Games

"But I wanted to thank all of you, our fans, and certainly those of you who have played Resistance, for coming with us on this journey from Resistance 1 all the way through [to] Resistance 3. Your enthusiasm, your comments and your critiques have been extremely helpful and rewarding for us at the same time."

That's odd; perhaps Ted Price forgot what Eurogamer reader weaselrat wrote in the comments section of the Resistance: Fall of Man review five years ago. But I can't work out how "Resistance sucks balls. Yeehaaaaaa" was extremely helpful or rewarding.

Price progressed: "We're very much looking forward to having you with us as we move onto other games such as Overstrike. So, thank you very much for your support."

Insomniac's next game Overstrike will be published by EA and - a studio first - be a game developed for Xbox 360 as well as PS3.

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