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How to get the snake-skin Metal Gear Solid 3DS

Hideo-sly difficult.

Metal Gear developer Konami has announced how gamers can get their hands on the Metal Gear Solid-themed limited edition 3DS.

Got a pen and paper ready?

The special "snake-skin" embossed 3DS comes in a Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D bundle alongside a copy of the game. But this deal is only available in Japan, and online via the Konami Style shop.

You can't buy it though. You can only enter a raffle to have a chance of owning it. And if you win, you then still need to pay for it.

How much? Those lucky to get that far can expect to pay ¥22,980 (£192.52) for the Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D bundle.

Konami has yet to announce plans to launch the special edition 3DS outside of Japan.

Those wanting to try their luck at nabbing a Japanese version have until 3rd February to get their orders in, GoNintendo reports, with winners to be notified on 10th February. Or you can look for it on eBay soon after.