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Kojima would like to make a Metal Gear game starring The Boss

Also reveals who he'd like to helm the MGS movie.

Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima showed interest in making a new game in his stealth action series starring The Boss i.e. the mentor of Solid Snake's dad.

When asked at his PAX Prime presentation if he'd like to make more spin-offs about other characters besides Raiden in the upcoming Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, he said, "I'm not a huge fan of spin-offs, so it's hard to say at this point," but added, "We've talked previously about a game featuring The Boss as a main character. This is something I'd really love to make."

The Boss is often touted as being one of the strongest female characters in gaming, and it would be nice to see a "hardcore" game star a middle-aged woman. Based on the applause from the audience at the idea, it seems plenty of others would agree. He said if he makes this, it will be part of the main series and not a spin-off ala the upcoming Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance.

Regarding Platinum Games' spin-off, he expressed interest in turning that into a full series. "If it works out well, I really would like to work with Platinum games on a sequel," he said.

Kojima also explained that game's ridiculous title.

"As far as the Rising part of the title goes, that's really about rising up the character of Raiden," who was initially met with contempt in Metal Gear Solid 2 for not being Solid Snake. He also noted that it "has that samurai feel to it."

"As far as Revengeance is concerned this is kind of the an internal thing, but at one point Rising kind of fall apart and we had to start all over from scratch. So it was kind of our goal to make it something like 'try again' get vengeance, get our revenge on the old project."

He also described Metal Gear as a game "where you're always holding back... and for a lot of people maybe that adds to the stress that they're experiencing in their every day life." So Revengeance is "your chance to get revenge on life. Cut everything up into tiny little pieces!"

Elsewhere during the presentation, he hypothesised that the Fox Engine might be used for a Silent Hill game. "Once it's out there I'm sure there are other Konami studios that make games as well" that could potentially use it. "So maybe we'll see it used for Silent Hill," he said.

Finally, when asked about the Metal Gear movie he confirmed that he wouldn't be directing it. When pressed for a wish list, he name dropped Christopher Nolan and Quentin Tarantino as directors and Ben Affleck, Hugh Jackman, and Tom Hardy as possible leads. This was just off the top of his head, though. None of these figures have actually been in talks about it.

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