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Metal Gear's David Hayter recruited for République Kickstarter

Mass Effect's Jennifer Hale joins voice cast too.

David Hayter, the man who voices Snake in Konami's Metal Gear Solid series, has joined the voice cast for Kickstarter hopeful République.

According the game's fundraising page, Hayter plays the game's chief revolutionary. Jennifer Hale - who lent her vocal chords to the female version of Shepard in Mass Effect, among numerous other game roles - is also helping out too. She'll voice The Mentor - a mysterious figure close to the game's protagonist Hope.

There's been a fair bit of activity surrounding République since we last touched base with the project. While former Kojima Productions staffer Ryan Payton's ambitious non-violent stealth title started off as an iOS exclusive, a PC and Mac version has now been announced too.

Of course, all this depends on whether Payton and his Camouflaj studio reach their $500,000 funding goal. They're currently a long way off - $200,391 has been raised so far, with just eight days to go.

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