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May 2016 Archive

    1. How to get started with Fallout 4 mods on Xbox One
    2. Minecraft: Story Mode Episode 6 is due next week
    3. Doom's soundtrack contains satanic Easter eggs
    4. PlayStation Plus' June freebies include Gone Home and NBA 2K16
    5. Resident Evil 5 for PS4 and Xbox One has a release date
    6. Watch: The first 30 minutes of The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine
    7. Former Lionhead devs take Hearthstone-style Fable Fortune to Kickstarter
    8. Just Cause 3's second DLC pack coming next week
    9. Editor's blog: Introducing Eurogamer's new Guides Editor
    10. The spirit of Geometry Wars' best mode lives again in Pan-Dimensional Conga Combat
    11. Gran Turismo Sport ditches one of the series' big features
    12. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt patch 1.2 adds enemy level-scaling and a lot more
    13. Street Fighter 5's next DLC character is Ibuki
    14. Payday 3 confirmed, Payday 2 ditches microtransactions
    1. The Warcraft movie is too faithful by half
    2. The Dead Island bug the public never saw
    1. Fallout 4's Far Harbor DLC performs poorly on PS4
    2. Face-Off: Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster on PC
    3. A day in real-life Azeroth
    4. Watch: The game endings that made us go wait, what
    5. How Housemarque is turning to its past for its future
    1. Watch: 6 publicity stunts that worked for all the wrong reasons
    2. Dear Donald: How video games could help you trump Hillary
    3. Steins;Gate 0 is coming to Europe this year on PS4 and Vita
    1. No Man's Sky delayed, no longer releasing in June - reports
    2. Fallout 4 mods are coming to Xbox One on Tuesday
    3. GTA Online gets a huge update next month
    4. Total War: Warhammer is the fastest-selling Total War game ever
    5. Dragon Quest Builders heading westwards this October
    6. F1 2016 reintroduces safety car and career mode to Codemasters' series
    7. Finally, we know the identity of the two guys on Street Fighter 2's opening screen
    8. Big new War for the Overworld expansion goes live tonight
    9. The Legacy of Kain game that was cancelled three years in
    10. The Last Guardian re-emerges, on track for 2016 release
    1. Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands re-emerges with fresh footage
    2. Watch: Hitman's new episode in glorious action
    3. Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens season pass lets you play as Jar Jar
    4. Does The Witcher 3 expansion fulfil the original graphics promise?
    5. Ex-Watch Dogs developers reveal online combat RPG Absolver
    6. Minecraft gets new mini-game mode on PlayStation, Wii U, Xbox
    7. Trawl is a very mysterious game about a boat
    8. Don't expect Cyberpunk 2077 at E3 - or any time soon
    9. PS4 passes 40m sales milestone
    10. Performance Analysis: Overwatch beta on PS4 and Xbox One
    11. 15 tips to get you started in Overwatch
    12. Face-Off: Overwatch
    13. Watch: How Overwatch's sound design makes you a better player
    14. Overwatch open beta had 9.7m players
    15. Overwatch cheaters will be banned for life, Blizzard says
    16. Watch: Overwatch is packed with Blizzard Easter eggs
    17. Fans believe a new Overwatch hero called Sombra could be unveiled on Monday
    18. Giant Overwatch action figures appear around the world
    19. About that Sombra Overwatch character, and other things besides
    20. Here's how much Overwatch's microtransactions cost in the UK
    21. Shot standing behind a wall: why isn't Overwatch's tick rate higher?
    22. Overwatch fan with cerebral palsy thanks Blizzard for custom controls
    23. There's yet another new trading card battler
    24. One of Japan's most terrifying 3DS games is being localised for the UK
    25. Turtles: Mutants in Manhattan is Platinum's most disappointing game
    26. The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine review
    27. Monster Hunter Stories gets Japan release date, new Amiibos
    28. Hohokum dev reveals online roguelike Loot Rascals for PS4 and PC
    29. Origin Access adds Mass Effect Trilogy
    1. Mighty No. 9's new trailer isn't going down well
    2. Mirror's Edge TV show is in the works
    3. Get Grow Home, Rayman Origins and Call of Juarez: Gunslinger for $1
    4. Goat Simulator goes to space in new expansion due tomorrow
    5. Hitman - Episode Three: Marrakesh is due next week
    6. More powerful Xbox One planned for 2017 - report
    7. Here's our first look at PES 2017
    8. Microsoft cuts 1850 jobs as it guts phone business
    9. Watch: Ian plays Lumo with the creator of Lumo
    10. Team 17 orders Overcooked for PC, PS4, Xbox One
    11. The madness of Gran Turismo Sport
    12. Meanwhile, there's a new map in Unreal Tournament
    13. Titanfall 2 leak details larger maps, new grappling hook gameplay
    1. Fallout 4 modders are making a giant campaign set in Seattle
    2. Paradox pulls "discriminatory" Stellaris mod that made all humans white
    3. Umbrella Corps reveals Resident Evil 2 locales
    4. 7 Days to Die release date set for consoles
    5. Face-Off: Doom
    6. Sega warns of Total War: Warhammer server issues
    7. Monkey Island creator asks Disney to sell IP
    8. June's free Xbox Games with Gold titles include XCOM, The Crew
    9. Spider-Man swings free in Lego Marvel's Avengers today
    10. Eternal Darkness successor Shadow of the Eternals alive again, Denis Dyack claims
    11. Face-Off: Homefront: The Revolution
    12. Today, Rocket League becomes the first Xbox One/PC cross-platform game
    13. On the road with Hideo Kojima
    14. The Division fixes a major bug in today's big Conflict update
    15. Lumo review
    16. Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location revealed
    17. Pac-Man 256 is coming to consoles and PC in June
    1. Syberia 3 gets a release date
    2. Kingdom Come: Deliverance delayed until next year
    3. Watch: Ian hunts down a bunch of easter eggs in Fallout 4's DLC
    4. Dead by Daylight is a promising, horrifying twist on asymmetrical multiplayer
    5. Uncharted 4 sold 2.7m copies in a week
    6. Square Enix promises more Final Fantasy 15 Ultimate Collector's Edition stock
    7. Fire Emblem Fates review
    8. Here's the first gameplay of the new Kick Off
    9. That time I was blacklisted by Sega while editing a Sega magazine
    10. After 10 years of waiting, Half-Life 2: Episode 3 seems further away than ever
    11. Homefront, Fire Emblem fail to dislodge Doom and Uncharted 4
    12. Fallout 4's Far Harbor DLC is rich in loot but light on excitement
    13. Oculus Rift's latest attempt to block piracy backfires
    14. Apple: Palestinian game highlighting Gaza child welfare is not a game
    1. Face-Off: Valkyria Chronicles on PS4
    2. Watch: The video game theme parks that would be immediately shut down
    3. Shogun: Total War and the art of a great video game story
    1. Watch: Eight great games that used to be very different indeed
    1. Fruit Ninja is being made into a live-action film
    2. Samorost 3 audio recordings are more ridiculous than Samorost 3
    3. The Talos Principle is getting a sequel
    4. Four-year-old Resident Evil PR stunt fuels Chinese government denial
    5. Watch: How's Total War: Warhammer's performance?
    6. Destiny leak reveals next expansion Rise of Iron
    7. Hitman's second Elusive Target will appear next weekend
    8. Homefront: The Revolution developer acknowledges performance problems, promises fix
    9. Don't expect The Witcher 4 any time soon - or maybe ever
    10. Elite Dangerous: Horizons hits Xbox One 3rd June
    11. In defence of Doom's multiplayer
    12. Prison Architect locks down console launch date
    13. One of Street Fighter 5's greatest mysteries solved
    14. Uncharted 4's wonderful accessibility options
    15. King of Fighters 14 launches in Europe in August
    16. The Doom movie missed the point - but so did most rival games
    17. Speedrunner sets new world record for Doom... 3?!
    18. Watch Sega's 1996 training video for game testers
    1. Android games to receive their own Early Access on Google Play
    2. Monster Hunter Generations has Ghosts 'n Goblins and Okami costumes for cats
    3. Here's how Hitman's first Elusive Target went down
    4. Gran Turismo Sport out 18th November
    5. Don't expect to be blown away by the new Gran Turismo on PS4
    6. Hard Reset Redux release date set for June
    7. Nioh survey results show its alpha favoured by westerners
    8. Halo 5's Forge is coming to Windows 10 this year for free
    9. Doom speedruns have already gotten under 90 minutes
    10. Watch as you're led around the new Witcher 3 land of Toussaint
    11. TimeSplitters Rewind project soldiers on
    12. Sega Classics on Steam now support modern console controllers
    13. Techland is making two new games - and one sounds a lot like Dying Light 2
    14. Watch: Ian journeys to Fallout 4's Far Harbor
    15. Performance Analysis: Homefront: The Revolution
    16. What exactly is going on with the different versions of Fire Emblem Fates?
    17. Homefront: The Revolution acknowledges its own troubled development
    18. Doom review
    19. How to start Fallout 4's Far Harbor DLC
    1. King's Quest: Chapter 1 is now free on all platforms
    2. Paragon open beta weekend runs from 26th-30th May
    3. Dark Souls 3 PC patch removed due to freezing issues
    4. Watch someone complete Dark Souls 3 on NG+7 without weapons
    5. BBC documentary on disabled gamer's Metal Gear Solid limb is worth a watch
    6. Table Top Racing: World Tour hits PC next week
    7. Giveaway: 1000 keys for the WOW Legion beta!
    8. Motorsport Manager gets to the heart of what makes F1 fascinating
    9. Fallout 4 Far Harbor video reveals new companion, weapons, armour and enemies
    10. Someone got Windows 95 running on Xbox One
    11. Finally, the Batman: Return to Arkham collection is official
    12. A look inside Mass Effect's theme park ride
    13. When a game partners with a console you don't own, does that put you off the game?
    14. The new Doom campaign turns around Steam user reviews
    15. Blizzard, Twitch plan to act on abuse in livestream chat
    16. Battlefield 4 Final Stand DLC free for a week
    17. EA Access free for Xbox Live subscribers around E3
    18. EA dev chief initially rejected World War 1 setting for Battlefield
    19. Footage leaks of canned PSP game The Elder Scrolls Travels: Oblivion
    20. EA decided against Star Wars Battlefront campaign to meet Force Awakens film launch
    21. Digital Foundry vs Shadow of the Beast on PS4
    22. Valkyria Chronicles remains one of the finest games of its generation
    1. Assassin's Creed movie mostly set in modern times
    2. Why people are talking about Resident Evil 7
    3. Hideo Kojima reveals studio mascot
    4. Salt and Sanctuary is out now on Steam
    5. Tetris movie is a sci-fi thriller with an all-Chinese cast
    6. Unravel developer signs new deal with EA
    7. The Division's next free update, Conflict, is due next week
    8. Silent Hill and Bloodborne receive Unreal Engine 4 fan tributes
    9. Stellaris patches promise "major gameplay improvements"
    10. Zelda, Paper Mario, Lego City head to Nintendo Selects budget range
    11. Homefront: The Revolution review
    12. Sony E3 2016 press conference time, date detailed
    13. Shadow of the Beast review
    14. Watch: TimeSplitters 2's first level in Homefront: The Revolution
    1. Expired Xbox Live Gamertags to become available again on Wednesday
    2. Dark Souls board game raises $71k Kickstarter goal in three minutes
    3. Dark Souls 3 gets a first-person mod
    4. Clash of Clans developer boosted Finland's capital gains tax total by a fifth
    5. Shadow Warrior 2 is a surprising sequel
    6. Watch: Recreating Total War: Warhammer's Battle of Black Fire Pass
    7. Xbox One back compatibility now supports multi-disc Xbox 360 games
    8. Watch: Ian plays the PS4 exclusive Shadow of the Beast remake
    9. Why Zangief is the worst character in Street Fighter 5
    10. Final Fantasy Brave Exvius heads west
    11. Watch: We take out Hitman's first ever Elusive Target
    12. Raiden 5 review
    13. Here's help with finding the perfect Overwatch group
    14. German football team Schalke now has a League of Legends team
    15. Mario 64's hidden RNG decoded
    16. Uncharted 4 UK sales up 66% on Uncharted 3
    17. Nine ways the the 8-bit era made gaming what it is today
    18. How Thimbleweed Park recreates the glory days of graphic adventure games
    1. LG G5 review
    2. Exploring a tiny galaxy filled with jerks in Stellaris
    1. Face-Off: Forza Motorsport 6 Apex on PC
    2. Watch: Five things Nathan Drake taught us about being an adventurer
    3. Project Spark is dead - Long live Project Spark
    4. The first fandom
    1. Centipede and Missile Command are getting movie adaptations
    2. Hitman's one chance forever Elusive Targets coming tomorrow
    3. The Doom campaign is actually pretty good
    4. WESA is a new FIFA-style governing body for esports
    5. Watch: Aoife plays Max Payne for the first time
    6. Watch: So, is Doom any good? Find out live, at 1pm
    7. Disney Infinity's demise blamed on mismanagement, inflated sales expectations - report
    8. There's a new Kinect game
    9. The Eurogamer Podcast - Uncharted 4, Overwatch, Stellaris & Clash Royale
    10. How self-help gurus helped me survive Fallout 4's Survival Mode
    1. Dark Souls 3 tops US retail sales for April
    2. The Division has 9.5M registered users, exceeding Ubisoft's expectations
    3. Star Trek Online boldly goes to PS4 and Xbox One this autumn
    4. Monster Hunter: Generations launch date tracked down
    5. UK Russian Embassy tweets screenshot from Command & Conquer Generals
    6. No new content for The Witcher 3 after Blood and Wine comes out
    7. The Banner Saga 2 launch detailed
    8. Footage leaks of unreleased Star Wars strategy game
    9. In honour of Tom Hanks' Desert Island Discs, here is a belated piece about his typewriter app
    10. Card-battler Chronicle: Runescape Legends handed release date
    11. Fear Effect Sedna's Kickstarter is now live
    12. Battlefield 1 now the top-rated trailer on YouTube
    13. Everything the Assassin's Creed movie trailer tells us
    14. Hitman and the joy of playing it wrong
    1. Ace Attorney 6 set for a western release this September
    2. Civilization 6 announced, ahead of October release
    3. Nintendo's mobile Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing games will be free-to-play
    4. Even with the Marketing and Malpractice DLC, Big Pharma just isn't evil enough
    5. EA unconcerned about releasing Titanfall 2 and Battlefield 1 this autumn
    6. Dark Souls 3 the biggest launch in series
    7. Gamer Network hosts Overwatch beta battles with readers
    8. Uncharted 4's really meta hidden Trophies revealed
    9. Can Battlefield 1 help us see The Great War with fresh eyes?
    1. Star Wars: Battlefront sequel due next year
    2. Titanfall 2 confirmed for Q4 launch
    3. Disney Infinity cancelled, Avalanche Software shut down
    4. Star Wars: Battlefront has shipped over 14m copies
    5. Jet Set Radio is now available on Xbox One
    6. Witcher 3: Blood and Wine is "a graphics upgrade from the base game"
    7. A few hours with final Witcher 3 expansion Blood and Wine
    8. Stellaris breaks Paradox's record for day one revenue
    9. Witcher 3: Blood and Wine release date officially announced
    10. Postal Redux is coming to Steam next week
    11. New Need for Speed coming in 2017
    12. Microsoft adds unlocked frame-rate and G-Sync/FreeSync support for UWP
    13. Pokémon Sun and Moon get release date, starter Pokémon revealed
    14. Why Blizzard can't please everyone playing World of Warcraft
    15. Watch: Ian plays Uncharted 4 multiplayer
    16. Overwatch open beta extended by a day
    17. Chaos Theory creator plays Splinter Cell's greatest ever level
    18. DICE's Great War: classes, horses and more in Battlefield 1
    19. Watch: The first hour of Homefront: The Revolution
    20. Final Fantasy 10/10-2 HD Remaster hits PC this week
    1. Dark Souls 3 mod makes Lothric look like Limbo
    2. Five Nights at Freddy's is planned for consoles
    3. Dead Island: Definitive Edition includes 16-bit beat-'em-up mini-game
    4. Stellaris Review
    5. Super Mario (officially) in Minecraft on Wii U
    6. It looks like the Witcher 3: Blood and Wine expansion release date has leaked
    7. Donkey Kong player reckons he's posted the perfect world record high score
    8. Street Fighter 5's sold 1.4m copies
    9. The endless Void sees Galak-Z at its very best
    1. EVGA GeForce GTX 980 Ti VR Edition review
    2. In Theory: Can AMD Polaris regain the mainstream PC graphics market?
    3. Don't care about VR? Neither did I
    1. Nvidia unveils GTX 1080 and GTX 1070: a new level in GPU power
    2. Doom systems specs and launch times revealed
    3. Watch: 6 times the special edition was cooler than the game
    4. Why I hope it's the end for Uncharted
    5. Battlefield 1 is the new World War 1 Battlefield game
    1. Battlefield announced live: watch here
    2. Battleborn review
    3. Those annoying Windows 10 upgrade notifications will finally go away for good
    4. West Ham becomes first Premiership club to sign its own esports star
    5. How Strafe and GoNNER reimagine Spelunky as a shooter
    6. Watch: Why isn't it called Total Warhammer?
    7. DICE teases today's Battlefield 5 reveal via Call of Duty poop emoji
    8. No Overwatch Competitive Play during open beta
    9. Has Remedy fixed Quantum Break on PC?
    10. Activision details just how well Destiny, Call of Duty, Hearthstone are doing
    11. Call of Duty fan campaign mass-downvotes Infinite Warfare's reveal trailer
    12. Suda 51's first game, The Silver Case, is getting a western remake
    13. Offworld Trading Company review
    1. Windows 10 will cost $119 after July
    2. Devolver Digital massively discounts games this weekend on Steam
    3. Persona 5 gets a Japanese release date and new trailer
    4. Trine dev's stealth adventure Shadwen gets a release date
    5. This free-to-play Uncharted mobile app unlocks exclusive Uncharted 4 multiplayer rewards
    6. XCOM 2 Alien Hunters DLC out next week
    7. Reigns and Clash Royale: Leadership is hard
    8. Total War: Warhammer will have official mod support
    9. Nintendo details E3 plans, no sign of usual event
    10. Dark Souls 3 player defeats one of its hardest bosses in one hit
    1. Shadow of the Beast remake will include the original Amiga game
    2. The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth arrives on PS4 next week
    3. Titanfall developer Respawn is making a third-person Star Wars game
    4. Fallout 4 Survival Mode hits PS4 and Xbox One next week
    5. Fallout 4: Far Harbor trailer lands
    6. Harrison Ford, Daisy Ridley, Carrie Fisher recorded new dialogue for Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens
    7. At long last, Terraria has a Wii U release date
    8. Creative Assembly on regaining fan support after Total War: Warhammer's controversial DLC
    9. Three new DLC maps announced for Vermintide
    10. It looks like a mocap actor has revealed Watch Dogs 2's new protagonist
    11. The Star Wars Day game sales and promotions
    12. Digital Foundry vs Alienation
    13. A Legend of Zelda Hong Kong crime drama launches tomorrow
    14. Watch: We spoke to the creators behind Uncharted 4
    15. Dangerous Golf trailer is Burnout's Crash mode in a kitchen
    16. Dishonored 2 reveals star-studded voice cast
    17. Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens gameplay shows off space dogfights, cover shooting
    18. Steam updated to better expose recent user reviews
    19. Nintendo fans can cheer themselves with an excellent Wii U, 3DS Humble Bundle
    20. Severed review
    21. Battlefield 4 and Hardline DLC is free to download this week
    1. Halo and Destiny designer announces sci-fi mystery Asemblance
    2. Star Wars Battlefront May 4th content and May client update detailed
    3. Dishonored 2 gets a 2016 release date
    4. Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War 3 announced
    5. In Theory: Will future consoles share identical tech specs?
    6. Nolan North's making a mobile game
    7. Watch a combo master complete Street Fighter 5's toughest trials one-handed
    8. Looks like Call of Duty is leaving the PS3 and Xbox 360 behind
    9. Super Meat Boy's long journey onto a Nintendo console ends next week
    10. You can't buy Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered separately
    11. His Story: How Sam Barlow rewrote the video game script
    12. Fallout: New Vegas modder is adding Superhot combat
    1. Raiden V arrives in the west next week
    2. Introducing procedurally-generated co-op survival sim The Wild Eight
    3. Patrice Désilets reveals footage from 1666 Amsterdam
    4. Uncharted 4's multiplayer content will all be unlockable for free
    5. NX won't be sold at a loss
    6. Mighty No. 9 finally has a release date "set in stone"
    7. Here's the first trailer for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare
    8. Could Suda 51's Let it Die set a new standard for F2P action games on console?
    9. Watch: Video game helicopters are good for precisely two things
    10. Watch: Impressive levels built in Doom's new map editor
    11. Into the Pyre: Taking it higher and higher
    1. Spec analysis: Durango vs. Orbis
    2. The Half-Life mod that took 17 years to land on Steam
    3. Digital Foundry: Hands-on with Mirror's Edge Catalyst