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A look inside Mass Effect's theme park ride


The new Mass Effect ride, in California's Great America park, is open for business.

Mass Effect: New Earth is a "4D" experience, similar to Star Wars' on Star Tours at Disneyland.

The ride is introduced by a live actor, before you pop on your 3D glasses, sit down and get jolted about.

BioWare and EA have both signed off on the project and helped produce its CGI visuals, which take visitors on a tour of the Mass Effect galaxy.

California Coaster Kings has posted photos from the ride's official opening, which was attended by EA and BioWare staff plus the voice of Mass Effect character Samara. Here's a couple of photos:

The ride itself features recorded appearances by Commander Shepard, Wrex and Garrus, voiced by their original actors.

As you might expect, its story takes place during the original Mass Effect trilogy - so Reapers show up, too. The Normandy, Citadel and Tuchanka also feature.

California's Great America is not a major theme park - it's a small attraction south of San Francisco in the Santa Clara area - so it's a little surprising to see the franchise represented there, at least before any other. Hopefully this version of the ride is the first of many.

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