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Dangerous Golf trailer is Burnout's Crash mode in a kitchen

Will you fork out?

Watch this Dangerous Golf footage and it's clear you're seeing a game made by the creators of Burnout.

Swap out the flaming golf ball for a car and the gorgeously-rendered interior for a busy intersection and you have Burnout's fan-favourite Crash mode, which tasked you with smashing up motors in the most spectacular way possible.

Dangerous Golf has many environments to play in - the kitchen, a palace, a castle and a petrol station. As you'd expect, the more things you smash into/explode/destroy, the more points you get.

Your winnings are even totted up in the same way as in Burnout, via a little on-screen ticker of your total.

Dangerous Golf is due for release in June as a downloadable game for Steam, PS4 and Xbox One. Doesn't it look... smashing?

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Dangerous Golf

PS4, Xbox One, PC

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